Theme Documentation

Mar 11, 2014

Summary of what you can customize using the theme settings.

A) Top Toolbar

  1. Background color
  2. Color of text
  3. Color of links
  4. Color of link hovers
  5. Search button color
  6. Search button text color
  7. Add social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube)

B) Logo

  1. Use picture as Logo
  2. Use site name as Logo
  3. Logo text color (if using site name)
  4. Logo background color or background image

C) Menu

  1. Link color
  2. Link hover color
  3. Background color

D) General

  1. Font
  2. Font color
  3. Link color
  4. Link hover color
  5. Main background color
  6. Page title color
  7. Page title background color/image

E) Button

  1. Color
  2. Font color

F) Footer

  1. Background color
  2. Link color
  3. Link hover color
  4. Payment icons

G) Home Design*

  1. Position of each home content
  2. Types of home content to choose from
  3. Highly customizable home content ranging from slideshow, video, wide pictures, testimonials to product collections. 

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